Sorry the previous post "problems with the launch of e21 323i"

  • Hello everybody, my name is Jorge and I'm writing from Portugal, I found this site by chance yesterday and I felt fantastic!
    I have a e21 323i 1983 (Phase 2) and I have a problem, I am writing to ask for help.
    Last week, the car began to fail, with a hard drive to home, I changed the fuel filter which was quite dirty due to the state of the gas tanks that were in very bad shape, completely rotten and full of rust. I changed the two fuel tanks and cleaned the entire circuit (which was very dirty), cleaned also the network that the fuel gauge and pressure regulator after the assembly of everything again and a new fuel filter and new fuel, the car starts to work but shortly after 5 / 6 seconds turns off, I hear the fuel pump to work, enough to fuel injectors, however, and to test also changed the injection track, which remained all the same, the fuse is good and relay too, I suspect the fuel pump has enough pressure.
    This has happened to someone who can help me?
    Thanks to whoever can help me and sorry for the translation of the previous topic, failed because anything with the google translator!
    Thanks Jorge